Moteur AXI 2814/22                            


The study (with the tests done actually) shows that the best efficiency at 750gr propeller for this motor is the XOAR 14x5".

The XOAR 13x6.5" is the one that produce the less vibrations.

On the tests done up to day I have shown that the APC propeller are producing more vibrations than the XOAR (the prop comes directly from the shop, it's not balanced in any manner)


APC SF 12x3.8"

APC 12X8"

APC TE 13X6.5"

APC SF 14X4.7"

XOAR 12X5"

XOAR 13X6.5"

XOAR 13X7"

XOAR 14X5"

XOAR 14X6"


EPP 13x4.5"

Egraupner 11x5"