Tools :

- Fc 1.3 + modified firmware by FredericG

- datalogger 6S + logview

- balance 0-3kg

- test bench "home made"

- mini camera


Test protocol:

I use a nanotech LiPo 4S 4500mah to power everything. The LiPo is fully charged before each test.

I use FredericG's software for piloting the motor that will make 5 seconds steps between each speed changements. A complete test is constituted from 17 steps.

The following values are logged :

- with the datalogger: Bl's T° (the sensor is clamped at the surface of one mosfets), intensity, voltage, rotation speed of the propeller, power

- with the balance + mini caméra : thrust produced by the couple motor/propeller

- with FredericG's software: vibrations produced by the couple motor / propeller


Tests are made with 4S liPo for now but I will also make them with 5S later.


Note: Some vibrations measurment more reliable wil be done later on a dedicated test bench.

It's important to note that I'm a reseller of XOAR propeIlers and it could be normal for someone to think I'm partial. Hardware used can be found easily (I provided links) and I invite those who want to do the test on their part


Motors already tested:

-Moteur AXI 2814/22






Moteur AVROTO M2814-11S V3


Motor test available soon:

AXI 2820/14 

 MK 3638

PULSO 2820/14

NTM 3536A-910



If you want me to had some other references, you can send me one exemplary of motor or propeller (preferabily counter rotating). The motor/prop will be send you back (at your cost) once tested.